Three images from a butoh slow-walk, Joan Fleming

In Joan Fleming, poetry on July 30, 2011 at 3:27 am


First of all,
there are farmers
on the fields
of your calves.
If you can’t feel them,
you are not walking
slowly enough.
Do not disturb them.
They have been working
all their lives.

Secondly, in your belly
is a dark swamp, murky
and full of secrets.
You have buried
many bodies there.
Can’t you hear them
singing? Are you
listening at all?

Thirdly, there are flowers
growing up and out
of your chest.
They are beautiful,
like all flowers are.
They bloom into
your face, their fragrance
rushes in your bloodstream.
These are the flowers
you will die
to feed the soil of.

With every step,
you breathe them in.


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