Granny Mansion Moment #28: Chicken – Alexandra Susan

In Alexandra Susan, nonfiction, photography on July 28, 2011 at 5:43 pm

If houses had spirit animals like people have spirit animals, Granny Mansion’s would most definitely be the chicken.

For one, Sophie has always been obsessed with them. Aside from her row of roosters parading across the top of her fridge, she also has several other little ceramic statues, greeting cards, and magazine cut-outs of chickens decorating her apartment. She’s loved them as long as I can remember, for reasons I’ll never understand. When I was small, she always wanted to go over to my uncle’s to see his live hens and roosters, and to this day she still asks about their well-being.

Olga’s attachment to chicken is something more pragmatic– like her cauliflower ritual, she also has a chicken ritual when groceries are delivered. Before placing packages of drumsticks in the freezer, she insists on cutting them open and individually wrapping each leg in tin foil before freezing them. If I bring her groceries too late at night and she’s too tired, she won’t let me put the package in the freezer even then, but rather in the fridge so she can do her work on the drumsticks first thing in the morning.

She loves making chicken noodle soup, and chicken cutlets too. All the grannies really– Mrs Fruehauf often talks about cooking up schnitzels for her sons when they come over to visit, and Sophie’s been a long time proponent of Shake N’ Bake fried chicken. I even remember my great grandmother being way more enthusiastic about frying chicken than anyone else I’d ever known. In fact just this morning, Heidi told me she found a chicken cutlet hanging in a plastic bag for her at the bottom of the stairs. Just a friendly gesture from some unspecified granny.

And lastly in this discussion about poultry as our residential spirit animal, it’s also important to mention that the man who lived in apt 2R in the 90’s, before Heidi or I moved in, was evicted for raising live chickens in his tea cupboard.


  1. I hope the grannies didn’t evict him in a moment of forgetfulness! That would’ve been a prime supply of fresh chicken right there…

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