Off the Shelf – Catalogue of Daydreams – Valentina

In cross, photography, Valentina Charalambides, visual on July 25, 2011 at 2:29 pm

No Evil * Six elephants with raised trunks * Kombolói * Ouzo glass * happy ass * Short stemmed giraffe * malachite sphere * hourglass * Haiti shell with dedication * Three monkeys * Chinese marriage stamps * rolled scroll with golden ribbon * Exotic doorway * Dry leaf


Hardware of the Heart * Leather pouff center piece * double horseshoe * terracotta fleur de lys * Chip Rescue Ranger * Arizona rock * Fruit tile * Four women dancing on a rock * Longhorn drawer pull * Buffalo horn * Roc’s egg * Aunt Jemima with sweets * Fairy Lighter * Queen of Hearts keepsake box * Dime wedding ribbon * Apricot mosaic shard * Iron giraffe bookend



The Camel’s Eye * Sitting Zebra * Fiore Voodoo Doll * Milk Chocolate covered Ridged Chips Tin * Photobooth snapshots with corn-rows and a special godson * Murano glass pendant on leather braid * Leather camel rescued from refuse bin on 77th street * empty bottle of Rose’ * Iron giraffe bookend


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