Tips for the modern man, Ruby Brunton

In cross, Ruby Brunton on July 24, 2011 at 6:27 am

“A lady is not supposed to walk on the road side. Too much foreign matter flying about. The lady should walk on the inside, flanked by a man. Then the man may protect her from the flying foreign matter by spreading his coat out like this. Unfortunately such displays may be regarded from the opposite side of the road as a running flash, which usually results in the police being called and the following arrest will lessen the man’s chivalry somewhat. However, should the man be able to talk the police out of the potential arrest, he will impress the lady with his negotiation techniques.”

“When removing cookies from their baking tray, it is best to lay them flat on a plate, rather than the more widely accepted method of using a cooling rack. Instead of vigorously shoving a fish slice under the cookies to remove them, it would perhaps pay to try a single sharp thrust with a butter knife. Eat the cookies warm from the oven with cream. And remember this, when conventional methods fail you, go with your primal instincts. Drink plenty of red wine, and always compliment the lady on her
cooking skills.”


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