Work Drinks 2, Ruby Brunton

In poetry, Ruby Brunton on July 22, 2011 at 5:03 am

Young man, kindly cover up that hairless chest of yours and stop trying to chat me up

Oh yes you are certainly very charming and so on but please do not go on and on

I know I paint a rather pretty picture yes and I look rather fetching in my dress

But you my dear remind me far too much of yesteryear when my eyesight was clear and I could hear

Now listen here just because you sit and I stand all day with a modicum of authority

Does not mean I’m yearning to rip into that tight tee whilst you scandalise me

I am rather senior to you in both age and post but in fact what disturbs me most

About this little game of yours is the confidence in your swagger and the way you boast

I do prefer a meeker gentleman who buttons his shirt to his neck and fastens his cravat

And who refrains from inquiring about my nether regions straight off the bat.

  1. I love it!

  2. Ruby,
    Steve and I have read your work and find it most interesting. We have just returned from New York and are here with friends from London. Will show them your work. An accomplishment worth a lot. Love to you
    Cathy and Steve

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