typing while under the influence of a scene from a nouvelle vague film, Katherine Sanders

In Katherine Sanders, nonfiction, poetry on July 20, 2011 at 11:35 am

He puts his hands around her neck and says, if you don’t smile by the count of 8, I’ll strangle you.

1)  she takes a cigarette and offers him one. He refuses and fumbles through a porn magazine. She’s backlit by the bedroom window swathed in smoke and light. Do you ever think about death, she asks

2)  he lies in bed, concealed by the covers. She sits next to him holding a teddy bear under her chin. She wants to be like Romeo and Juliet. There is a picture of them on the wall. Say something nice, she pleads

3)  he wonders why he didn’t see her the other night, he was there too. The camera zooms in on his lips, his finger moving on his lips. She wasn’t there long, she says

4)  he calls the man whom he says owes him money. They talk about—not an American, an American car, he tells her. She pauses by the bookshelf to look at him. He pauses to look at her as he hangs up the phone next to the bed. She conceals her tear. She tells him about her new poster as she hangs it on the wall. He insists it’s not bad  

5)  I’ve thought of something nice, he says, I want to sleep with you again because you’re beautiful. I want to sleep with you again because you’re ugly. I want to sleep with you again because of that glint in your eye

6)  they are both in the bathroom. She sits on the side of the tub. I’m pregnant, she tells him. You should have been more careful, he responds automatically

7)  she is in the bathroom alone, performing for herself. She puts her face to her hands as though to sob, then peeks at the reflection through open fingers

7 ½)  as she brushes her hair he says, you look like a Martian

7 ¾)  that’s because my head is in the clouds


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